Validating CSS Styles for use with React Native content and React Native SDK

React Native is a mobile-only version of React that is a popular framework for building applications. Because it is mobile-only though, there are many CSS features that not only don’t make sense, but are straight up rejected by React Native and could break your page.

As a result, Builder has added a number of validations and safeguards to help guide your CSS and styling decisions within our Visual Editor should you plan to deploy content to your React Native app with our new React-Native SDK (currently still in beta).

As of today we have released the se features:

Keep in mind, that CSS might very well still be valid for React/Vue/Svelte/Angular, etc, but since React Native has stricter CSS guidelines, we will make it clear to your content creators that these styles might not display correctly within React Native.

Try it out! Let us know what you think, and please feel free to let us know any issues, feedback or questions you may have!

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