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Video play/pause on hover?

Hello, it is my first day using builder. I am trying to make my video play on hover, and stop on leave. Like the YouTube hover preview. I am not finding this to be doable within the visual editor(animate), am I missing a possible way to do this or will I need to program manually?

I am comfortable programming but not so much with web dev. My page is overall very simple and I don’t plan to integrate any additional js libraries but from searching around I am not seeing a way to do this with css only, is that correct?

any suggestions on how to achieve this easily would be very appreciated

Hi @masynthetic welcome to a Forum!

This is definitely doable within Builder, and you are correct in your assessment that this would not be possible from the Animation tab! You would actually want to set up a custom action on the video element based on mouseEnter/mouseExit utilizing the HTML video APIs.

One of our amazing support specialists actually put together a quick demo in one of our demo spaces. If you click the video element, and navigate to the Data tab you can see how the custom action handlers work:

Check it out and let us know if you have any other issues or questions!


works like a charm thanks!

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