Way to configure eagerly loaded images?

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I want to eagerly load an image to improve LCP on a SSR page

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It seems by default that images are given the loading='lazy' attribute. This is fine for below-the-fold images, but I want my hero image to be eagerly loaded to improve LCP scores for CWV. So far I haven’t been able to figure out a way to override this attribute. How can I define an image in builder to be eagerly loaded?

I’ve found resources like this: Add etchpriority="high" instead of lazy loading - #2 by manish-sharma but I do not see the option to globally turn off lazy loading. When I go to the performance tab I only see one option and it’s not related to lazy loading images

Hello @darthmallcop,

I wanted to inform you that we’ve made changes in the advanced settings, specifically regarding options for lazy loading such as “lazy load always,” “lazy load below the fold,” etc. These settings have been removed, and now, by default, everything is set to lazy load all the time.

For more details and community discussions on this update, you can refer to the following forum post: Lazy Loading and Image.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to engage in the forum discussion or reach out for assistance.

Best regards,