Weird errors on deploy to Vercel

This is unrelated to any specific content, as it’s only happening on Build on our Next.js project on Vercel. The error is:

Now, I’m fairly certain that’s a Builder specific bug and it only popped up after upgrading to The builds still finish and deploy, but the logs are polluted with these errors. Any ideas?

Hi @chtbks-jason,

Hope you’re doing well!

Sorry for any inconvenience. This is a bug from our end and we’re actively working on fix. I’ll keep you updated once it’s live.

Thanks and I’ll look forward to your updates, @garima

Fix was released in latest stable version 3.0.7

The issue was that those logs about code bindings errors in users’ content was logged indiscriminately, they’re now disabled by default, to enable it, toggle DEBUG=true in your environment variables.

I’ll update to 3.0.7 today and report back if I still see the errors. Thanks @aziz !