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What is a Fiddle?

I’ve seen Fiddles mentioned here and there, and cited by customer support, but I can’t find any articles explaining what they are. So…what is a Fiddle, how do I use them, and what are some best practices around when and why to use them?

Hi @sjoys :wave: Thanks for reaching out!

A fiddle is a stand alone Builder page that can be used to share content. It has the same editor as your Builder account but you don’t need a Builder account to use a fiddle. We use fiddles frequently to provide examples of how to achieve something in Builder!

You can also create a fiddle of one of your Builder pages (by selecting the three dots in the top right corner of your page and selecting “create fiddle”).You can open up a new fiddle by navigating here.

@maddy Interesting. So if I’m using a Fiddle to create a V2 of a page and send around for team review (as I think you’re recommending as a primary use case), is there then a simple way to convert it to a live page? Or, do I have to go back and make all of the same changes in the original page?

@sjoys Yes! You can download the content from the fiddle and upload it into your Builder account.