Could team please create some practical tutorial videos on how to use to convert designs from Figma into real web UI projects?

I recently discovered and like it. However, I noticed that lacks practical tutorial videos compared to other tools.

For example, I have a responsive page and want to convert this page into a Next.js landing page. I’m using Shadcn, so how do I convert a frame into a component, such as an input field with an icon or a date picker?

Could team produce more videos like this to help us learn?

It would be better to teach us how to use it instead of making us guess what is the best practice of using it.

We want to see how to optimize figma design for better export, adjust responsive design, frame to components (how to let visual editor convert multi components in one page), publish and view webpage.

Hey @steveyang Welcome to the Builder forum, and thank you for your feedback. We appreciate your suggestions and will keep them in mind for future improvements.

In the meantime, we have a comprehensive guide on using Figma available in our Visual Copilot documentation. You can find detailed information on best practices when using Figma and a component mapping guide there as well.

I watched your tutorial videos, but I found the content too short and some videos outdated. I realized I couldn’t complete a full project using these videos. Therefore, I hope you can publish comprehensive project videos on your YouTube channel.

I am actually very interested in purchasing your service, but I can’t find comprehensive tutorial videos online. All the tutorials are fragmented, focusing on specific features. I believe that if you could regularly produce videos on real projects, it would be more beginner-friendly.

Hey @steveyang Could you please share the links of the outdated videos/tutorials that you have encountered?

Sorry, I remember seeing your product and some very old tutorials before. But I see that you have updated the documentation and those old examples have been removed. However, I think it is more friendly for beginners if you provide a complete course explaining how to use it from scratch.