Is like webflow? how to publish a Website?

Hey guys, I’ve just discovered and it’s more then amazing, super fast and smooth and figma files are 100% correctly imported

but I thought it’s like webflow or framer where you can design and publish the website but it’s seems like it’s not. so how can publish a website?

Hello @hello.lotovia,

Greetings! I encourage you to create a website with ease. While I initially guided you on starting your website from scratch, it’s worth noting that is geared more towards developers, particularly those well-versed in coding.

  • Have you embarked on the journey of constructing your website?
  • Have you initiated the creation of various components? primarily centers around coding components, and a good starting point is importing designs from Figma. This allows you to seamlessly integrate components you’ve designed in Figma into

  • How far along are you in getting your website off the ground?
  • Are you familiar with JavaScipte or ReactJS?

Please share your progress so far, and I’ll gladly assist you every step of the way. I’m still in the learning phase myself, but we can learn together.

If you encounter any issues with the API Key while connecting your development project to, feel free to let me know. I’m here to address all your questions.

Thank you,
Brandon Powell