Where is public directory to put robots.txt & sitemap.xml files?

I’ve read some help entries which talk about putting the optional robots.txt file and any sitemap.xml files into the “public directory”.

Rookie question…

Where do I find the public directory in the builder.io admin area and how do I put text files into this directory?

Any suggestions for finding/using the public directory would be appreciated.


Hey @emerge2doug you can place robots.txt and sitemap.xml in your root directory along with other config files if you are using SSG. For any hosting platforms (e.g., Netlify, Vercel) Configure robots.txt and sitemap.xml through the platform’s settings. You might find specific sections or options in the platform dashboard to upload or define these files.

Here is a doc showing How to create the XML file for your framework. Check this out for further reference.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the suggestions. We’ve worked in lots of ecommerce and CMS platforms over the decades, but are new to the builder.io platform. We know how to build sitemap XML files.

What is SSG?

I’ve looked around all of the admin areas that I can find, and cannot find any reference to the root directory or public folder or whatever it might be called. Any suggestions on where I might find it within the builder.io admin area?


By Builder.io admin area if you mean the visual editor, that is not where these files are added. You would have to add the files in the integration.