Why is BuilderComponentProps not exported as a type from `@builder.io/react`?

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I’m wanting to build a custom wrapper around the BuilderComponent, uh, component, and as we are all in on TypeScript, I’d love to be able to extend the BuilderComponentProps type in the wrapper, but it appears that the props type is not exported from the library. Is there any specific reason why it’s not exported?

Hi there!

This was able to work on my end
import type { BuilderComponentProps } from '@builder.io/react/dist/types/src/components/builder-component.component'

Would you be able to provide us with a sample code of how it appears on your end?

Here are the docs I found this on:

Ah, I hadn’t tried “deep diving” through the component tree. Let me give that a shot. Thanks!

Hello I’m hire
i fall some problems but now its ok!