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Will Builder.io slow down my Shopify site (as a 3rd party apps tend to do)?

We hired a Shopify website designer to build our new site using Builder. After 10 minutes into the initial design conversation, I was told that they don’t recommend Builder for the following reasons:

  1. Shopify / Template 2.0 is very similar to Builder (so Builder wouldn’t be necessary).

  2. Since Builder is a 3rd party app, it will actually slow-down our new site (and Google takes page load / speed into account when ranking pages).

I want to use Builder, but due to their hesitancy to use the program, we removed numerous pages that we had already built w/ Builder and built them with Shopify’s standard designer.

I can understand about 3rd party apps slowing down a site - it makes sense… But will Builder REALLY affect our site as much as they say it will (and cause slower loading thus lower page ranking)?

I’m either getting rid of Builder… or getting rid of our new designer. So I need a little help deciding which one to remove.

Thank you!

Hi @Kevin,

  1. Online Store 2.0 is great because it makes editing your Shopify storefront much easier, but Builder allows you to create custom sections from scratch without relying on your developers/agency. Builder also allows you to add optimization capabilities to any section across your storefront including A/B testing, heatmaps, and content segmentation based on any criteria. We have a blog post here that goes into more detail.

  2. We’re definitely performance obsessed, so we’ve written out a lot of details about our performance here. Unlike other third-party page builder apps, there aren’t any limitations with Builder’s Shopify app. You can create product pages, collection pages, landing pages, and more without impacting site performance.