403 Error in Editor

When I try to edit a piece of content in builder, the preview does not load in the iframe and gives an error instead:

{"status":403,"message":"Invalid URL: https://********/builder-editing/?builder.cachebuster=l0skt10m&builder.proxyPreview.includeSW=true&builder.useProxyBase=true&apiKey=******&builder.cachebust=true&builder.preview=page&builder.noCache=true&__builder_editing__=true&builder.overrides.page=a1c3ffa4b76844c8aef5e61c9ca6a334&builder.overrides.a1c3ffa4b76844c8aef5e61c9ca6a334=a1c3ffa4b76844c8aef5e61c9ca6a334&builder.overrides.page:/builder-editing/=a1c3ffa4b76844c8aef5e61c9ca6a334&builder.frameEditing=page (access forbidden)"}

^ Key and site link hidden

This occurs with all models of content I try to edit

Builder content link

Builder public api key

What are you trying to accomplish
Be able to edit content in the editor

Screenshots or video link

Code stack you are integrating Builder with

Hi @phessman-1uphealth ! Welcome to the Forum. Are you still having this problem? I went to your pages in Builder and saw all the content loading correctly, and was able to edit and view preview links without any issues.

If you are still having the problem, any specific steps to recreate or exact pages you could point me to would be helpful !