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Having trouble accessing the builder page

Hi team - I’m trying to integrate builder editing and previewing directly on my site and am running into errors.

My content URL is:

I’ve tried disabling ad-blockers and enabling the proxy to no avail.


Hey Drew, thanks for reaching out. What framework are you using with Builder?

Hi Kara - I’m using create-react-app.

First I’d recommend using our “proxy previews” setting (go to your advanced settings from builder.io/account/organization, click “advanced settings” and turn on the “proxy previews” option, which will proxy your site in a way that allows iframe access.

This works for most sites, but if it doesn’t for yours, try turning it back off and try our chrome extension. Just note that all users in your organization should download it as well.

If you’re still having trouble, please let me know!

Thanks! I actually tried both of those already as well and it still wasn’t working. Any other suggestions?

It looks like your content security policy is disallowing iframes. Make sure Builder is allowed like you have with twitch.tv.

Ahhh that makes sense. I’ll try it myself but for any future readers, should I be allowing “https://*.builder.codes”?

yes, exactly! Let me know if you’re still having difficulties after that adjustment.