Accordian is not rendering as expected in reactjs

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import React from ‘react’
import { BuilderComponent } from ‘’
import ErrorPage from ‘components/ErrorPage’
import Loader from ‘components/LoadingSpinner’

class CatchallPage extends React.Component {
state = { notFound: false };

render() {
  return !this.state.notFound ? (
      apiKey="API KEY"
      contentLoaded={content => {
        if (!content) {
          this.setState({ notFound: true });
      <Loader />
  ) : (
    <ErrorPage /> // Your 404 content


export default CatchallPage

Hi @TestMail and welcome to the forum!

I checked out your project content link and I am seeing the Accordion element rendering correctly on my end! Here is a look:

Can you describe what you are seeing or record a Loom of this in action?

Logan from Account Support

I have created sandbox, please go through this once

You can find the issue in /faq-figma page
please navigate to specified url in sandbox
ref- React App

@TestMail if you open the console in that sandbox, you will see the problem and the suggestion:

Missing @[]( installation,
please install and import @[](
to use Accordion in your content, more info here:

These widgets are not part of Builder by default, since lots of users don’t need them or will provide their own implementation of them.

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Thanks @armando , It’s working now :smiley: