Accordion Component is not working - "Builder block error"

The accordion component is not working/ loading properly when added to a page.
I have tried adding the accordion componenet in two ways:

I added an “FAQ section” component within my webpage, and the template loaded with no plus signs visible, meaning the accordion components were not collapsible/ expandable.

After looking at some solutions on other forums, i was told to use the accordion component using the import tab. Once i dragged in the accordion component in however an error message appeared (i have highlighted this using a red box in the screenshot attached).
I opened the console and it mentioned that a widget needed to be imported and installed, however the instructions were a little unclear.

Please can i get help to get the accordion component to work? Thank you

Hi @Contactru, Welcome to Builder Forum!

It looks like you don’t have the widgets library installed. You can learn more about that here: builder/packages/widgets at main · BuilderIO/builder · GitHub