Active Shopify Product Not showing up when creating PDP

Looks like this guy was having the same issue: Active products not showing up as options for product pages - #3 by daryllheiberger

I have a new, active bundle in my Shopify and when I went to make the product page, it was showing up in the intiial selection (ie “this page is specific for THIS product”) whoever once I’m IN the new page, it’s not coming up as an option for the preview product (in the option menu / page fields section)

Hi @daryllheiberger!

Can you share your public api key (you can find this in your account settings) as well as the names of the products that aren’t showing in Builder?

Product: The Winter Storm System

Thanks! I see that a product page was created today and is targeted towards The Winter Storm System product. On this page, I am seeing The Winter Storm System product as the preview product as well. If you navigate back to this entry, do you see the correct preview product now or is it showing as an option in the preview product dropdown? If not, you can always adjust the page URL to display the correct product while editing (e.g. ?previewProduct=the-winter-storm-system).

YAY it is working now!!

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Hey @maddy I’m having this same issue again with another new product. Any tips on how to solve?

Hi @daryllheiberger, can you share your builder content url for the page where you are seeing this issue?

Here is! Drag and drop page builder and CMS

Thanks for sharing that! It looks like the page is targeting a product that is unpublished in Shopify. Can you try setting that product to active in Shopify?

So that’s why I’m having some trouble. It is actually is active on Shopify but still saying unpublished on Builder. Not quite sure what to do next!

Can you try setting the product to draft and then to active again?

yes i actually just did that this morning but still no change =/

Hi Sarah, any other tips on what to do next? We’re still having the same issue where the product is indeed active on shopify but not showing up on the preview product list in the options sidebar.

Hi @daryllheiberger, I can’t seem to find the live page for this product. Can you share that as well?

Let me know if this works!

Can you share the live link on your website instead of the preview?

whoops yes! I also just realized i had it as active but not live on channels. just changed that! Here is the live link:

However since updating channels correctly, I do not see it on builder

actually use this:

Thanks for that, it looks like that fixed it. There was just a short delay to show that update in the editor.

thank you!! This was totally my bad – did not realize i had to select manage channels ONE OF THOSE DAYS :joy: