Add template to page created with POST request thru Write API

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What are you trying to accomplish
We’re using the Write API to create a new page each time we create a certain object in our database. We have a template set up that gives us the basic layout/functionality for these pages, so that our employees only have to edit a few things before pushing the new page to our production app. I know we can set up a new page or model with the Write API, but is it possible to add a template at the same time? Building out the template programmatically each time would get pretty cumbersome.

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
React, Ruby on Rails

Hello @jacobHappied,

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Would you be able to share the template example or perhaps the JSON structure for the template that you would like to post using write API?

Sure, this is a link to a page that is using the template Visual Development Platform

Where would I find the JSON structure for the template? I can send that as well if it would help. My hope was that I would just be able to reference a template ID in the API call that would add it to the page, but I didn’t see any way to do that in the docs.

Hi Manish,

Does the link I provided in an earlier comment give you what you need or is there something else I should provide? I don’t know that I can directly link to the template, I didn’t see any way to copy a link for it in the editor.