Assign different sections to products with the same template – yes it's possible, but not sure how in

Hi there,

I’m trying to figure out how to assign different sections to products that utilize the same template.

My site uses a 3rd-party product customizer app called Kickflip for multiple products. Their website hosts the backend of the app; the product is 100% configured through their site. After inputing and formatting the customizer, you connect the product to its corresponding product page. Then, you assign the Shopify product page to their product template.

This would be a breeze if only it were possible to duplicate their template – but duplicating their template is disabled. Additionally, they have also disabled adding sections to their product page template.

It’s possible to render sections through the liquid editor in the product template – and this would be great if I wanted the product pages to all display the same information. However, I’d like to render distinct sections, media, etc for every individual product.

In page builder apps, like Shogun, you can assign different and various sections to specific product pages that share the same template, and it works perfectly! This is what I’d like to achieve with the app. I really don’t want to go with Shogun for some many reasons, but this is a make or break scenario for me.

Excuse me if my explanation doesn’t use the correct terminology. I’m still learning!

Hi @verdantunripe,

To recap, it sounds like your end goal is to be able to add Builder sections that are unique to each product to your existing product pages. Is this correct? Are you using a 1.0 or 2.0 theme? With Builder, you have the ability to add custom sections to any existing page. Custom sections can be installed directly in your themes code, in your case the product page template file. You have full control of where the Builder section displays on your page. Once you’ve created your custom section and installed the Builder snippet in your theme, you could create multiple Builder sections for each product with product targeting so you can display unique content for each of your products. Let me know if this makes sense for what you’re trying to achieve!

Is the product targeting feature only included in the Growth pricing plan?

Basic targeting is included in our basic plan. For our Shopify app, this includes targeting by product page or collection page. Targeting and segmentation is included in the Growth plan, which allows you to target content by any attribute or data you have (e.g. locale, logged in/out, previous shopping behavior, UTM parameters, etc).

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