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Automatically update my nextjs shopify store when a product is updated

I want my changes to be reflected immediately when my client updates their store. I assume I need to trigger a new build whenever this happens. Is this possible?

Hi @fakejohnpope,

Yes, this is possible! You can use the webhooks in your organization/model settings to trigger builds on Vercel for example. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

Is there more specific documentation around how to use these webhooks to trigger a new build in vercel?

Also, to clarify, I am looking for the website to update whenever the client updates a product or collection in their shopify store

Figured this out in case anyone finds this in the future, just follow the webhook setup in vercel or whatever deployment service you are using (documentation linked above) then set up a build hook in your shopify store pretty much like this: Set up Shopify webhook to trigger rebuild on product update · Issue #4 · gatsbyjs/store.gatsbyjs.org · GitHub

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