Shopify store front API update

We are currently experiencing an issue with new product entries using the builder.

Our technical team has noticed that the previous entries had a URL in the format of

while the new entries have a URL in the format of

We believe this is the cause of not receiving data objects in the new entries.

Let us know if anyone knows the solution of this.

Hi Prakash!

Could you also help us with your builder content link where we can test this out or steps to reproduce this behaviour?

Hello Manish,

Here is the URL

We have added the product-bundle custom component, where we tried to call two products but not able to get the data.

Let me know if you need any more information.

Hey @manish-sharma ,

Just checking if you need anything from our end or if you have some updates for us.

Hi @PrakashPersistent,

The recent changes to Shopify SDK are reverted back to the old version. Can you please check and confirm, if the issue is resolved?

Also, could you help us wit the API calls where they saw the data mismatched?

Hi @PrakashPersistent,

Could you also share and confirm, the code for the BundleProducts custom component and was there anything changed recently with this component in case this issue is still not resolved?