Shopify Custom components (in built ones) cannot load products or collections


I want to create Shopify pages with

I have installed Shopify plugin from Visual Editor.

From examples I have found little bit confusing information about how visual components should be created. Older videos seems to be using components under Shopify component section. These allow also decorating Product box content by adding product image, text descriptions. Seems very nice at least what I have seen from demo videos.

Screenshot about components that I am talking about:

Problem with this is that It cannot load shopify products due to following error:
{“error”:“Product box data fetch error”}
URL that product box is trying to reach after selecting product from the component:

Question 1: Should these Shopify components work still, is someone maintaining this part anymore (seems to be 4 year old stuff in GIT)??

Another way that I have tried:
Shopify starter kit instead makes custom example components that I can fully control from code and register to Visual Edit, but problem with these are that they have fixed layout (some texts can be modified, but no layout). If I want new layouts for shopify product Items, I have to create new components… (This does not sound so low-code to me).
Good thing is that these components work and products are loaded, but for marketing people this means more interaction with developers when they want new Shopify product related layout changes.
Another thing seems to be that this is using direct Shopify API’s and not caching to prevent repetitive calls to shopify API. Also when basic integrations are in “my code” I need to also maintain these, for example if shopify API versions deprecate.

Screenshot of these visual components created by starter kit:

It seems that has developed quite fast and some of the material are for older versions and not applicable anymore. Today what Builder.IO Shopify integration really provides to the customers? I can make custom Next.js components and make integration from code to shopify of course, but then what provides regarding that integration if I have made the integration code my self (or copied it from some starter kit code).

Best regards, Heikki