Custom React Components for Non-Headless Shopify Site

We have a Shopify site with a custom theme(non-headless). We’ve been using Builder for a bit now, but are looking for a bit more flexibility around the creation of our pages without making the jump to headless just yet.

I know builder allows you to develop custom react components that can be registered in the editor. I am wondering if this is only possible with a headless, Nextjs or similar setup, or if we can take advantage of this functionality by building out components and registering them with our current setup.

Any insights here are greatly appreciated!

Any thoughts here are much appreciated!

Hi @ianjgreenfield, Welcome to Forum!

You can take advantage of custom components with your current set up. I would recommend checking out our Shopify Developer guide, which outlines how to register custom web components with Builder (you can wrap React components as webcomponents) which is a good solution for Shopify. The process outlined in our Custom React Components guide can be used if you have a React app. Another option you could look into is creating liquid components, which you can learn more about here.

Hopefully that adds some clarity, please let me know if there are any further questions we can assist you with!