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This question have taken from some conversation from my side with the builder support but they told me to put it in their community to get the answer so…


Now that i clarify we can make something in regarding the NEXT.JS i want to understand exactly what will happen? What should i do what ?i will achieve with that ?

I will appreciate if you can explain deeply in this NEXT.js situation … and regarding the question i asked the meaning is if i will copay paste some of the codes which needed to put in your builder the meaning is the structure will be NEXT.JS? Means every component or element i will create or put with your drag and drop in the page will be coded as NEXT.JS or ? and what will happen if i will import for example react codes to the builder ?

I’m sorry again for the misunderstanding but I’m feeling i still not understand exactly what will happened and this is why I’m “doing it” again and again(i know its annoying but i still didn’t get the point)



Someone can help here?

The best place to start to figure out how to integrate Builder with Next.js and Shopify is this github repo: GitHub - BuilderIO/nextjs-shopify: The ultimate starter for headless Shopify stores. There you can find code examples and steps on how to create a Builder.io + Next.js + Shopify headless site.

There is also a great video walk through on how to do it by JavaScript Mastery: Build and Deploy a Shopify ECommerce Store with React & Next JS | BuilderIO - YouTube.

Hopefully those resources help!

Maybe it didnt written in my text
from what i understand there are 2 options
1- with the headless thing
2- without the headless thing

so this text is consider on the regular shopify with builder.io + next.js

If you can “Recreate” your answer after the clarification will appreciate that…