Integrating Shopify Blocks with Next.js Shopify Starter Project


I have recently developed a project using the Next.js Shopify Starter provided by BuilderIO on GitHub. My project is currently at a stage where I am considering the integration of Shopify blocks.

I am curious to know whether it is possible to integrate and effectively use these Shopify blocks within my Next.js application. Attached are two images illustrating the specific Shopify blocks I am referring to.


My main question is: Can these Shopify blocks be integrated into my Next.js app that was built using the Next.js Shopify Starter kit, or are they exclusively compatible with the Shopify app?

I’m looking for advice or experiences regarding the compatibility and implementation of these Shopify blocks within a Next.js environment, particularly with the setup I have used.

Thank you in advance for any insights or guidance!

Hello @iletti,

Welcome to the forum post.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the utilization of Builder Shopify blocks with Next.js Shopify app is not supported. Although this functionality was available in the past, recent API changes implemented by Shopify have led to the discontinuation of support for this integration.