Bandwidth mean the same as traffic? how the cost is measured?

I want to know the definitive meaning of “Bandwidth”.
I wonder if it means the same thing as “traffic” we commonly know.

And unlike page views, does this bandwidth not reset every month, but accumulate continuously?
If there is a lot of bandwidth on a page, will it continue to be charged until the next month?

Hi @ParkHaein, how are you?
I’m only a user of too. @korey once explained perfectly. You will measure you bandwith by your traffic and contents on your page. If you have a lot of images or some heavy files on your page, every load from client need to dowload all files, so that will increase your bandwidth, a lot. So optimize heavy images, if you are using videos, do not load him when load your website. I already had some clients that they didnt worried about heavy files and they consumed a lot of bandwidth.

I undestood from plans that bandwidth reset every month. But someone can tell more about. I started to use this month only, so i am a newbie here.

Have a great day!

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Thank you @matheusnogueira for hopping in here and answering the questions well. Really appreciate you:)

@ParkHaein, hope you get the answer to your first question and proceed further, Bandwidth is reset every month. Note:- If you have an overage you need to upgrade your subscription. If you don’t, then we just charge you what you are subscribed to and enable editing content until you subscribe to the capacity level you reached in the past or current month.

Let me know if you’ve further questions!