About page view, bandwidth measurement

How often is traffic measured in builder.io?
How many hours or minutes is page view and bandwidth updated?
The page view measured yesterday was added this morning. Please explain it in detail.

My page view, bandwidth was overloaded today.
I added the capacity and updated them, but when will this amount be paid?
I wonder if it will be paid right away or included in the next payment date.

  • In the case of page view, I wonder if it is measured in one page view even if you revisit or refresh the page.

Hi @ParkHaein, hope you’re doing well!

  1. We do it once a day. All our bandwidth and pageviews are based on our access logs, which we move over for analysis at the end of the day UTC.

  2. If you have an overage in pageview or bandwidth you need to upgrade your subscription. If you don’t, then we just charge you what you are subscribed to and enable editing content until you subscribe to the capacity level you reached in the past or current month.

  3. One visitor to one page is the one-page view. The same visitor visiting two pages on your site with Builder content would be two page views. Viewing or previewing your own content in the Builder app does not count as a page view. You can read more about page views at Understanding Page Views.

Let me know if you’ve further questions!

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Thank you for your answer @garima !

I understand that the page views and bandwidth for March 31st will be calculated on April 1st. However, if the page views and bandwidth for March 31st exceed the limit, will everything be reset from April 2nd? In this case, how will the price be calculated?

@ParkHaein, if your space limit will exceed then in a day or two you will see a popup on your space Time to upgrade, and this will only go away after you pay for the overage. Hence, it will not reset itself.