Load testing, pageviews

I have a question about how pageviews actually counted. My goal is to provide a load test of my website and I want to simulate a load with a lot of concurrent users and requests to my site. Will this testing lead to increase in page views and as a result making me out of limits due to my current plan?

Hi @Jediinspace!

Page views are recorded when a tiny (1x1) hidden image, called a tracking pixel, is rendered when someone is visiting your site or app. You can read more about page views at Understanding Page Views.

You can think of page views in Builder the way you think of page views in Google Analytics. One visitor to one page is one page view. The same visitor visiting two pages on your site with Builder content would be two page views. Viewing or previewing your own content in the Builder app does not count as a page view.

Since a lot of concurrent users will be viewing your website while testing, that will increase the page views. Reaching page views limit depends on your current plan limit and the frequency of testing by different users.

Hope this answers your questions, if not feel free to reach out to us. Thank you!

@manish-sharma Thanks! I did not fully understand it. So the page view is recorded when page is rendered in the browser or even simple curl (or fetch) will trigger it?

Hi @Jediinspace,

A simple cURL or fetch response returns HTML only, not images or scripts, so they don’t affect page views or impressions.

Got it, thanks a lot

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