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How come I can't get more detailed information about each Builder pageview?

It’s important to us to respect your visitors privacy and to be un-opinionated about your stack. This means that Builder:

  1. does not require JS for tracking, so we use a tracking pixel. This is better for privacy and performance, but limits the amount of info we can collect
  2. does not have any forced notion of what a “page” is - builder content of any content type on your site (or any site or app or whatever of yours) will fire the pixel, and we just want to know that the pixel fired. Anything more than that would encroach on privacy and performance.

Note that even if you see several instances of the tracking pixel in your content, they all will count as one. This is done via the HTTP caching configuration of the pixel request; it has caching directives to instruct the browser to cache this request for a short period of time, so the following pixel requests in the same content will be handled directly by the browser.