How to disable pixel image


I’ve noticed that the html returned by the HTML API contains a pixel image:


Do I need it? How to disable?

Hi @Detzler!

This is the pixel that we use to track the page view count for the content you requested with the HTML API, and should not be disabled or removed.

~Logan from

EDIT: The original reply included analytics as tracked with the pixel. Analytics are tracked via Javascript on the Growth or Enterprise plan. You can read more about how impressions work in our documentation.

In terms of GDPR, such tracking pixels have great potential to get your customers in trouble with law authorities. At least, it should be possible to disable the the pixel a.k.a insight feature.

Hello Detzler, thank you for reaching out.

We at Builder take data protection very seriously, and glad to see you do as well.

Our pixel is strictly necessary to provide our services and as such cannot be disabled. The pixel is hard coded not to have access to data. As noted in a previous post, the pixel tracks the page view count which is the way we determine the fees owed by our customers. Because the tracking pixel is in an image tag, the only information recorded is that it was displayed…

Again, thank you for reaching out, Detzler. If you have any further questions regarding our data practices, please email us at