GDPR Compliance

Please make Builder GDPR compliant, so people from EU can use it. I am not an expert, but it defenetly needs following changes:

  • IP anonymization
  • Cookie Consent Popup for visitors (only save cookies after consent)
  • Allow Website visitors to disable tracking

Hi @Jakob_G! Thanks for reaching out.

Builder is fully GDPR and CCPA compliant.

To turn off off cookies/tracking/localstorage, etc set

builder.canTrack = false;

If you allow your customers to opt-in to cookies and tracking, then you can listen to the same prompt/dialog to change tracking preferences and turn on/off Builder cookies and tracking accordingly

Let us know if you have any additional questions.

Hi maddy,

thank you for the reply.

How do you disable tracking when using Builder HTML API?

You are recording the number of page views anyway, right? What Information do you collect there? Do you save IP addresses of the visitors?Because I think they need to be anonymised to be GDPR compliant.

For the HTML API, you can set a window variable to window.builderNoTrack = true. Builder doesn’t store any personally identifiable information in our request logs (ie no visitor id if tracking is off).

Hi Maddy,

Is there any way to remove the builderSessionId cookie? It is still created even when canTrack is set to false.

Many thanks!

hey @josh - when canTrack = false (or window.builderNoTrack = true) no cookies are set, including builderSeesionId

Are there any access/delete APIs available?



Hello @hbarnstone, we don’t have any APIs to access/delete user data since we do not track any personally identifiable end-user information. As mentioned above you can also set builder.canTrack = false``; to disable any tracking.

I’m setting builder.canTrack = false before I call builder.init in the and builderSessionId cookie is still set. How can I disable setting this cookie?

@alex1, thanks for bringing this up to our attention. We are investigating how the canTrack configuration works within the Vue SDK and will get back to you with more information.

While we investigate - @alex1 can you let us know if you add to your code:

window.builderNoTrack = true

if the cookie still gets set? Thils will help us verify a potential edge case

its also set with the window property sadly

is there any feedback yet? We are investigating our cookie policy due to gdpr concerns and in the worst case, when we can not disable the cookie, we need to remove it :frowning:

@alex1 We have found and fixed a bug in our SDK, which was causing the cookie to remain despite window.builderNoTrack and builder.canTrack being set correctly. Thank you again for bringing this to our attention.

We will let you know once the fix has been fully deployed across our SDKs.

when will you release a new version of the vue library?