Free tier page visits understanding and builder-sdk usage

The free tier usage mentions that it is 10k visits per month. Is it per page or all the pages created via Also, there is a concept of sections and not just pages. How are page visits tracked in this case. Will it be counted for visits if that section is included inside one of our existing pages?

Second question related to it is that, if builder-sdk is used for building my site, instead of drag and drop features in, would the page/section visits be charged? This question might be confusing as I am myself not clear if builder-sdk as an open source would lead to charges or page visits. Please clarify in detail.

Hi @vedant,

Our Free plan supports up to 10k monthly content page views. Builder page views are tracked by a pixel we add to content created in Builder and rendered by a customer’s site or app. It works similar to how Google Analytics would measure a page view. Multiple pieces of content viewed on one page is one page view. The same visitor visiting two pages on your site with Builder content would be two page views. Viewing / previewing your own content in the Builder app does not count as a page view. If you hit your monthly page view limit, your Builder pages will stay live on your site, but you will not be able to edit/make changes without upgrading your account.

To know more you can refer to the following link Pricing - and Understanding Page Views