Binding Text to Contentful data doesn't work

I am trying to bind Text in Builder to data from Contentful. My Contentful data is a Section named “Site Constants” with a list of data items. I have set up the Contentful integration, selected Section > Site Constants, and I can see my Contentful data in the Content State of my Builder Symbol:

Screenshot 2024-03-21 at 9.09.57 AM

However, when I add a data binding for Text, I am not able to access the “section” Object within state

If I print the keys of state, it doesn’t show “section”

Am I missing something to correctly bind the text to the connected Contentful data?

Thank you!

Hi @lburtness

For us to be able to help you, could you please provide the Builder Content Entry link where you’re experiencing an issue that will be further investigated?

Here is how to find it:

Thanks in advance!

Hi @garima thanks for the response!

Absolutely - here is the link

I am attempting to use the Contentful data in the right hand column. I’ve also tried to use Builder data in the left hand column which also isn’t working for me.

Thanks again

Hi @garima - have you been able to investigate this issue? Thanks in advance!


I see an empty state container!

@garima Interesting! Sorry about that. Could you check again please? We recently fixed a bug that might have been related to that empty state you saw. However, I am still having the original data binding issue.

I want to clarify that I am only having this issue binding to Builder and Contentful data when in a Symbol. When I bind to the same data on a Page, then it works as expected.

I’ve split out my examples:

  1. is a Symbol attempting to use Contentful data
  2. is a Symbol attempting to use Builder data

If I print out in my BuilderComponent, then I see the correct state:

I’ve also noticed that if I toggle the locale, then the data binding works, as you can see in this screen recording:

Thanks in advance for the investigation!

@lburtness Since the issue with contentful data binding is only when using symbols so please try to enable the inherit state for the symbol. I think this should fix the issue as you are using dynamic bound to state for locale and nested symbols.

@garima Looks like that was it. Toggling Inherit State to true makes the data binding work right away, without toggling the locale.

Thank you!