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Blog article ordering & reordering

I am working on content for a blog and want to reorder articles. At the moment the articles seem to be displayed based on the date entered - but there is no way to change the published date of the article.

I have used the drag and drop option on the backend but this doesn’t make a difference on the frontend of the site how articles are ordered. How can I reorder articles? Thanks

Hey @Kelly, thanks for reaching out! Is there a particular field you want to use to reorder?

Hi Kara, I was the blog articles to appear in an order of my choosing. If it means re-ordering according to date, then that is fine, but the articles don’t seem to have a date setting that allows me to do that.

Hi @Kelly, you can re-order the content using the drag and drop editor and also remove any sort.* querystring param from the API call for this manual ordering to take effect.

Let me know if you have any additional questions!

Thanks @kara that sort.* instruction worked.