Blog post - help binding a referenced data model

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I am trying to bind a data model’s property field to a content page model. However, the data model is a reference to the data model that is being queried to show up.
For context. We are creating a blog article page template. We created a dynamic rendering of content based on the data model’s slug. So, I render the blog article by putting in the preview the slug, and have access to all of the data model fields. One field, is an author field which is a reference to another data model - author. Within the author data model, I want to display the full name. How can I do that?

Currently, I’m trying to do - export default It just isn’t showing anything right now. gives access to all fields in the blog data model. The .author after that is trying to access the referenced field.

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Was able to fix it by using a console log to determine data structure.

This was the full state name to reference: export default