Builder app is automatically adding css to a block (contentVisibility and containIntrinsicSize)

Hi Builder team,

Good day! I hope you are well.

I noticed that the app is always auto inserting these CSS in tablet and mobile view causing it to hide some parts of our design.

content-visibility: auto;
contain-intrinsic-size: 97px;

I tried changing the values to unset as suggested by your support but the app is changing it back to the original values.

Here’s the video: Monosnap

I found this in the console log. Monosnap
Here’s the script that has that log:

Here’s the content url: Drag and drop page builder and CMS

Is there a way to disable this?



Hi Chester, we discussed the solution privately over email but I am sharing it here for the community as well. We have a new beta feature that improves performance by adding the content-visibility and contain-intrinsic-size CSS properties to content below the fold. To turn this off, navigate to Account Settings > Advanced Settings > Performance and toggle the Optimize content visibility option.

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