Cannot remove content-visibility and contain-intrinsic-size from being auto inserted

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I am trying to remove the content-visibility and contain-intrinsic-size from being auto inserted. I toggled off the option in settings (see screenshot below) and removed the values from the JSON, but it adds it back in automatically. It is causing a lot of flicker in Chrome.

I saw this topic and tried following but the option is toggled off and it is still happening.

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Loom recording of flicker and trying to remove attributes via JSON

Option is toggled off:

Hi @clandau,

To override content-visibility and contain-intrinsic-size, you can possibly use the below custom CSS code, add this to the Edit content JS + CSS section under the Data tab

.builder-block {
    content-visibility: unset !important;
    contain-intrinsic-size: unset !important;

Hi Manish,

I added it to the general stylesheet and that took care of it. Thanks!