Clarification Needed: Hiding built-in components while leaving styles tab accessible

What are you trying to accomplish
Hide built-in React components

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
Next.js + React

I would like to hide the built-in Builder components so that our editors don’t accidentally use them. We will include some base built-in components in a custom menu using Builder.register('insertMenu', {...}).

I have tried the Builder.set({ customInsertMenu: false }); as suggested, but the built-ins still show up.

Component Only Mode is not an option, as we’d still like to use the Styles tab.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

This should be true to override the insert menu ( and hide all built-in components)


Builder.set({ customInsertMenu: true })

Hey Aziz - Sorry I provided the wrong context.

The built-in default insert menu still shows up even with

Builder.set({ customInsertMenu: true })

Hi @will,

Can you please share more of your code so we can review your setup? If you are able to reproduce the issue with something like Stackblitz or Codesandbox that would be great. Here is a Stackblitz template of our Next.js minimal starter you can use: Stackblitz -


Hey AJ,

I had other things to get done, and am finally getting back around to this. The customInsertMenu: true setting is not being respected by’s insert menu.

It looks to be doing the right thing, but this setting is not being respected. This is on version: “1.1.23-14” of your code (included by using browser debugger) and version 1.1.47 of the package.

Hey @will,

You and I talked about this privately in chat some time ago and found that this was in issue with the React SDK where the Builder.set() options were only being respected in local development environments but not in production.

I wanted to update you today that while we are still working on a solution for this bug there is a workaround. Instead of using Builder.set please use Builder.register('editor.settings', {...}) in the meantime and I’ll update you again when a fix is released.


Builder.register('editor.settings', {
  hideABTab: true,
  customInsertMenu: true,


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We have deprecated Builder.set() and will use Builder.register(‘editor.settings’, {}) instead.

Best regards,


Thank you for following up!