hideFromInsertMenu not working

We’ve been using Builder with Next.js registering custom components and everything has worked fine.

I need to hide some legacy custom components, so I give them the hideFromInsertMenu: true option but it doesn’t make any difference.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?

Hello @miguel.carrillo,

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We appreciate your engagement with the platform. Currently, we are unable to reproduce the reported issue related to hideFromInsertMenu: true. This functionality appears to be working as expected on our end.

To assist you more effectively, could you please confirm the version of the Builder/React SDK you are currently using?

![Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 10.45.00 PM|578x500]


Could it be related to the components being in a custom Menu? Created with

Builder.register('insertMenu', {
      name: tabName,
      items: Object.keys(components).map(key => ({
        name: components[key].name,

Hello @miguel.carrillo,

The custom menu must be the reason hideFromInsertMenu: true not working. Does it work for any component that is not in the custom menu?

Would have to make a test. I don’t have any component outside a custom menu

Hello @miguel.carrillo,

Following our investigation, we found that the hideFromInsertMenu: true setting currently works for the native insert menu but not for the custom menu. Recognizing the value of this feature, we encourage you to submit a feature request for its inclusion.

You can submit your feature request at Builder.io Ideas. This platform allows users to share and upvote ideas, contributing to the enhancement of Builder.io based on community feedback.

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