Builder Block default value as Box

  1. I am using sveltkit project in that i am using builder block and in that there is a default box is added when i am seeing it on CMS side. and after deleting that box then i am getting add block option.

  2. So i want when i drop me component then that time i am able to see the add block option. is it possible

  3. i am adding screenshot as well

    In this previous image you can see that the box is shown by default.
    when i will delete this box then i am getting this add block aoption shown in 3rd image

5- also i am sharing snapshot of my code where i am registered me component and added block field as input type

Hello @AniveshSingh700,

This is intended, and you can try to remove defaultValue and let us know how that works for you.

Yes its working fine Thank you