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Builder Carousel on React website

I created a Carousel with 2 slides for a React website.
Looks good, the preview loads perfectly but when I try to load it on my website I get some empty divs with some styling from builder.io.
I checked the network tab and its fetching the correct model and it does bring all the info needed to render the model but its not appearing.

One note is that I do have another model on the same page, maybe the BuilderComponent its conflicting because of that?

I’d love some help on this since we want to be able to render custom components on some pages and full cms pages too on our website.

Would you mind sending me the builder url of the page you’re having trouble with? It should start with builder.io/content… Feel free to DM me if you’d like!

Please install @builder.io/widgets in your app.

npm install @builder.io/widgets

And import it on your page where you use BulderComponent

import '@builder.io/widgets';