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Rendering of builder page in a react-application not showing dynamic data from API call

There’s an error with loading of builderIO in react, we are using builders “@builder.io/react” library package to render content in builder and as of 3 hours ago it stopped working. Please assist. Thanks.

Do you mind providing a link to your content or a reproducible example like a codesandbox or github repo?

Hi Caleb,

Thanks for responding, here is the content we are rendering our app: https://builder.io/content/276ca4f8055b46619251ea96a117cf81

Normal behaviour before this issue: Content loads without any issues on runtime.

The issue now is that is taking either way too long to load or it just hangs.

Please see below:
Sandbox: https://codesandbox.io/s/serene-blackburn-i6dbu?file=/src/App.js

Hi Yashu, I added your public API key to the sandbox and the content is loading for me: https://5l0qe.csb.app/

It looks like there are some state errors related how you’re passing the custom data into the component, ie paymentSnapshot.clientProfile is undefined. Can you double check that the format of the data you’re passing into the <builder-component> matches the same schema as the Builder content expects?

Also just a quick note regarding performance, I’m sure there are some nuances to how codesandbox runs, but once the example application is loaded the Builder APIs are quite fast (less than 135ms for both requests you’re making):