Builder components affects scroll position

Hai we have integrated builder components in our angular ionic website, everything works as expected but the scroll position of our site is affected when the user clicks on back button. when the builder components are commented in the code the scroll position is back to normal

Hi @deepaksurya, Welcome to Forum!

Sorry for the issue, Could you please help us with the Builder content entry link or any other relevant details for further investigation?

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<builder-component name="section-1"></builder-component>
  <ion-grid class="top-categories ion-no-padding overflow-hide" style="border-top: 0px; position: relative; z-index: 4">
    <drag-scroll class="topscroll" draggable>
      <ion-list *ngFor="let x of categoriesBanner" class="color-block-scroll-1">
        <a href="{{x.bannerCallBackUrl}}" onclick="return false;" style="display: block;">
          <div class="inner-catagory" (click)="homecategories(x.bannerCallBackUrl, x.imageURL, x.description)">
            <span><img class="color-block-scroll-11" src="{{x.imageURL}}" alt="Category Image" /></span>
            <p class="category-name">{{x.searchKeyword}}</p>
  <builder-component name="section-2"></builder-component>

this is how we have integrated builder components in our site

check out our live site where scroll position is affected when the user clicks the back button after clicking on any tabs or product

issue / Video link : link

Hi, @deepaksurya I hope you’re doing well.

We’re trying to replicate this issue on our end and will keep you updated!

Hi @deepaksurya, Thanks for your patience on this!

It looks like the issue has been resolved on your live page( It’s working fine on my end now.

Let us know if the issue still persists!