Builder converts relative hrefs to absolute hrefs with ""?

When copying and pasing a relative url between rich text boxes, the pasted html will result in the relative href being rewritten.

Copying rich text containing a link to #foo will paste with an href to{editorUrl}#foo.

We are using two workarounds:

  • Copying and pasting HTML instead of rich text
  • Using absolute URLs

Can we configure or fix this somehow? Any other workarounds?

Hi Nic,

Thank you for reporting this issue. We were able to reproduce this issue. We filed it internally with our engineering team to be fixed.


thank you! a few issues with the rich text editor have been painful for our content team, but overall Builder has been awesome.

Thank you for your feedback @nicluciano, we love hearing all feedback from our community, it helps us improve the product.

Thanks again!