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Builder.io Freelancer List or Link?

Can someone please direct me to a list or link of Builder.io freelancers / Shopify.

I’m trying to stay away from agencies, so I’m looking for freelance / independents.

Thank you :wink:

We actually recently established a partnership with Storetasker, a hand-selected community of the industry’s top Shopify developers and e-commerce experts. They’ve helped over 30,000 Shopify brands find a trusted and talented developers for projects big and small, and now they’re available to whenever our customers are looking for some help.They’re really awesome and they have a number of devs that have already been trained on Builder!

Pricing is done per project and you get a free quote before commitment-- you can just submit a project from this link. This will flag you as a Builder customer, so they will know who to assign to!

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