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Builder.io integration with swell.is

Hello, I have been trying to find a way to set up Builder.io with Swell.is (https://www.swell.is). The idea is to use Builder.io for the storefront and swell for managing the products. After some research, I found a node.js package for Swell + Builder.io, @builder.io/plugin-swell - npm. Furthermore, I tried setting up this package, and I was able to set it up but due to lack of the documentation and resources, I was unable to find most of the said functionalities from the package.

Additionally, there is nearly no guidance or developer documentation for integrating Builder with Swell. Due to this issue, I am now thinking to opt for Builder with shopify. Is there any solution for Builder+Swell, since we really want these two work out together?

Hi @anupama.sharmaa , there’s a nextjs starter kit for Builder + Swell that can serve as a starting point for your codebase, we’re working on documenting all of those integrations and will update here once we have the docs up, meanwhile the package you’re using is on our open source repo

You can see the code for the starter on GitHub - swellstores/nextjs-builder: The ultimate starter for headless Swell stores and it’s demo deployed on vercel on https://nextjs-builder.vercel.app/

The starter codebase is designed to work with your builder space and Builder/Swell plugin, for more concrete examples, you can see the usage of those custom field types in the blocks folder

Recommend going through the steps in the readme to spin your own space pre-configured and ready to be used with the starter.

Let me know if you have any questions

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