Builder IO Query Builder Issues with `elemMatch` and returning consistent results

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I would like to use the query builder in builder UI to create an iterate on a custom component based on the existence of “categories”. Basically, I have a blog post and want to show related posts sharing the same category but I cannot get the query right nor can I get it right within the builder IO query builder.

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The query body I have tried in code is this:

await builder.getAll('blog-article', {
    query: {
      id: {
        $ne: 'c02f92634815400abfdaedb72b4c9ec0',
      data: {
        categories: {
          $elemMatch: {
            category: {
              id: {
                $in: ['59af3be58ce34979b22f1c4ab68649c4'],

I have tried various permutations of this and still get 0 results (I expect 1 based on the existence of one other blog-article that exists with the same category. If I can get this to return appropriately, then I would then need to figure out how to do it in builder’s page builder if possible.

@kacey You can find an example and test your query at