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I’m trying to work on some queries to get CMS data

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So as a summary of the video, I am unsure why I am unable to query “url” with
“” or “$eq” but it works with just “url”

My understanding is that once I get the shape of my data without specifying any query, I would be able to apply a query on it as per the shape structure. That doesn’t work for me.

Lastly, how do I enter a $regex query in API explorer? How do I code that in builder.getContent call? Please use: /\/dashboard.*/gi as an example


Hi @karlo.medallo, Welcome to Forum!

You can find some more details about this here: Querying Data -

Thanks for your reply, but it still does not work. I think matching against “data.url” is not working. as you can see in my video, even a regular $eq does not work.

Is this a limitation? Can I only match against custom fields I created?

Hi @karlo.medallo

I think you just need to fix the query. Try this in the API explorer, it should work

You may find more details about this here: Content API -

Let us know if you have further questions!

Just for anyone who stumbles across this as I did, .$eq didn’t seem to work for me at all. To query data, I had to do the following:

query: {
  'data.customAttribute': 'query-value'

And that even worked with a JSON field nested property:

query: {
  'data.customJsonData.customNestedProp': 'query-value'

It’s unfortunate that (again) the incorrect documentation cost me even more time.