support for Deno

I’m interested in using but my current tech stack uses Deno & Fresh (Fresh is Inspired by Next.js). Is this something that Builder currently supports or plans to support? If so is there an ETA?

Hi @Jimpex ! Currently we do not have a direct integration/support for Deno & Fresh, though we have heard some interesting and exciting things from them lately!

We definitely plan to keep an eye on them, and as the tech develops it could be possible we have a direct SDK support for them in the near future.

That being said! Builder is absolutely tech stack agnostic, and designed to work with any app, regardless of if we have a direct SDK available or not. If you are building an app with Fresh and Deno, I recommend looking into our HTML and QWIK APIs, as I think you will find a rich feature set from either that could power any number of pages, sections or content within your app, regardless of setup.

Our HTML API provides standard HTML, JS and CSS that you can inject into your app, but our QWIK API is really interesting in that it is powered by our latest frontend Javascript framework, QWIK, which is powering lightening fast apps without the need for hydration. I highly recommend checking it out!