using global CDN?

Hi! I need some help.
I’ve seen an article about using AWS Global CDN within the forum.
I wonder if you really use global CDN.

And pages created using are very slow to load (including videos and images).
Is there a way to make it load quickly?

Hi @ParkHaein,

  1. Yes, we use AWS CloudFront as our CDN. We also use Fastly as a secondary caching layer. We store assets uploaded by users on a US-based Google Cloud Platform Bucket. Both our AWS and Fastly CDNs are global, and cache content closest to the end user.

  2. You can try to turn off lazy loading for images in your account settings. Navigate to your account settings → advanced settings → performance → lazy load images → turn to never. If this doesn’t work, feel free to share the content entry link where you’re facing slowness so I can investigate further!