with HTMX and Django backend - is ti possible?

I’m currently evaluating different low code tools for front-end development and I was wondering if it’s possible to use with htmx on the front and Django python on the backend?

My apologies if this is an ignorant question but I was trying to go through different sources but couldn’t find a clear answer.


Code stack you are integrating Builder with
e.g. htmx, djanngo, paypal

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Any suggestion? Te spam answer marked this one as solved but no valuable answer still provided.

Hi ndenic,

Yes, it’s possible to use Django and HTMX with Builder, using our Web Components API to dynamically serve content. Check out our docs on the Web Components API here: Web Components API -

Thank you, Alexander!

I really like the solution, but I still find it hard to figure out how to configure it to work correctly with Postgres/Django/HTMX/Tailwind stack. I’m technical but not to a high degree and I’ve looked at some content, but I still cannot find it straight forward.

If you could recommend some documents/tutorials I could check in specific order to figure it out, it would be highly appreciated!


Typically, I would recommend getting started with the Integrating Pages doc or Integrating Sections doc. But, these are geared towards frontend frameworks that don’t apply to your stack.

Instead, I would recommend getting started by reading how our models work here: Intro to Models -

From there you can think about how you want to integrate models with your Django app.

Since you’ll be making HTTP requests to fetch content from Builder, make sure you’re familiar with the Django HttpRequest object (this is from the Django docs)

And, in case you haven’t reviewed it, check out How Builder Works: A Technical Overview -