Integration with monorepo

What are you trying to accomplish
Just trying to get up and running for now, but eventually I want to integrate builder to build a shopfront in my app

I think the issue is that my project root is a monorepo with 2 apps. Each app has a separate api folder. This is the folder structure of my project.

------------------shop.js (this is the page I want to create with
-----Shared components

Here is the what I see on the content page:

It’s successfully showing the correct page in my app, but throwing an error.

Code stack you are integrating Builder with
NextJS, MongoDB, Apollo and GraphQL

Any help much appreciated!

Hey @danc222 , it’s difficult to tell what is happening with out seeing your code or the page. Can you share your dynamic page template [].jsx and static shop.js files as well as a link to the page in Builder ({content_id})? A minimal reproduction with Github or Codesandbox would be even better. Thanks!